Social Media Marketing


At HABERLAND Media, we go beyond connecting brands with influencers from around the world by providing an in-depth social media marketing integration. From social strategy, campaign design, and influencer sourcing to execution and analytics reporting, we ensure that our clients receive the best possible return on their investment. 

We assure our clients that influencers reach the right audience, and the right customer where they are most attentive, through using a wide range of social media marketing tools.

Social media marketing campaigns are threaded with social context not evident in traditional campaigns. We are committed to evaluating the value of these impressions relative to the rest of the media mix.

As each of our client is unique, we tailor to the specific context at hand. Whether that includes scouting micro-influencers in London, Paris, or planning and executing a large-scale campaign across Europe. HABERLAND Media is equipped to make our clients' goals our mission.